There are 6 of us: 

Tracey Kastens:  vocals, percussion, harmonica, etc.

Tim Neuburger:  bass / lyrics and music.

Chris Nuñez:  drums.

Nate Paradis:  lead guitar / music and lyrics.

Brad Stewart:  vocals / lyrics and music.

James Stewart:  vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, etc. / music and lyrics.


We're a really good live band but have always been about creating the best diverse and original music we can.

Don't ask us who we sound like though -- we really have no idea.

Thanks to the late, great Kurt Vonnegut for inspiring our band name.


Ed Rose recorded our album in his waning months at Black Lodge Recording - a true honor.

Mike West (Truckstop Honeymoon) did the mastering for us beautifully.

Here are all of the LYRICS to the songs on our debut album, What Are You Prepared to Do?.

A special thanks to Lana Grove and Amber Fraley for the band logo and CD design work.

Cara (Weeks) Neuburger created the spectacular diorama and did the related photography for our album.


We used to be The Beat Pirates and have 2 EPs under that name:  Solid Blue [2005] and Chuwon! [2006].


You can contact us on Facebook or at this phone number:

 (seven hundred eighty-five) two hundred eighteen - two thousand four hundred six.


Thanks to everybody that has come to see us or spent sleepless nights thinking of us.


      Here's our other logo:

logo 2